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This site contains documentation and developer resources for Lateral Visions 3D Web technology.

3D Web Browser API documentation

The functionality available to 3D Web developers is available from three sources: Core, Pkg and Lua. Core represents essential systems such as 3D maths, timing etc. Pkg is the higher-level Package functionality allowing the creation of things like 3D models, Viewers and World Portals. Lua represents the standard Lua language libraries that are available, including math, string and table.

3D Web Core API

The 'Core' API contains basic systems for handling timing, input and particularly 3D maths types like Vectors and Colors.

3D Web Pkg API

The 'Pkg' or package API contains higher level functionality for entities like 3D models, 2D Browsers and World Portals. Usually the main parts of your 3D Website will be created using the 'Pkg' API, but you will also need to use the Core types, if only to position and orientate the Pkg objects (using the 3D math types such as Vectors and WorldPositions).

There are several Packages available, which differ in functionality and intended usage.

API documentation.

Note that the Pkg documents also include the available Core APIs for that Package, but do not include the Lua API.

Basic Package: freely available to all, with a subset of available functionality.

Open Package: open Package with all functionality available; use is restricted to 3D websites with valid license files. Contact us to obtain a License for use of this Package at a given URL.

UnitTest Package: For testing the 3D Web browser Core systems only. Not generally used.

Objects: Advanced documentation about component Object types. Access to this level of the 3D Web browser is not usually available from most Packages.


The 3D Web browser uses Lua as a high level scripting language; it is the equivalent of Javascript on web pages. In the future, it is likely that the 3D Web will support Javascript as a scripting language in addition to Lua.

The Lua language provides standard library functions for manipulating strings and tables, as well as basic math functions like sin and cos. An online manual is available for the lua language.


Overview documents are available for various aspects of the 3D Web technology.

3D maths: An overview of 3D maths types and operations available in the 3D Web browser.

3D Content: An overview of 3D content, how to create it and how to load it using the 3D Web browser.


A 3D website showing various tutorials for developing with the 3D Web browser.


Developer forums can be found at dev.lv3dweb.net/forum, providing a forum for questions and discussion about developing for Lateral Visions 3D Web technology. Lateral Visions own developers are active on these forums.

Release notes

Release notes for the current version of Lateral Visions 3D Web browser are available, and updated with every release.

Software licensing

Details of software licenses relevant to Lateral Visions 3D Web technology are available.

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